7 min

In production

ZIP Cities

Directing: Pavel Kostomarov


Pavel Kostomarov is experimenting with the fabric of a movie. He calls this style Zip Movie. He travels to NY, Tallinn, Jihlava, Lyon, Berlin….
"To make a long story short, it is a total hunting for the reality. Archiving the reality. Turn on/turn off - shots in all directions: shots of breathing in; shots of breathing out, shots of flickering, shots of flashes, shots of blinks.
I would like to know if these letters and syllables will construct a sentence. If this alphabet full of energy is able to convey poetic vision of my universe. I call this experiment ZIP-MOVIE. ZIP-MOVIE is like this: SEE - FEEL - CATCH IT LIKE ONE CATCHES A BUTTERFLY with one movement of a net (Canon MarkII). Then put it into the pocket without stopping life which is so volatile and long, even longer than one shot."
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