72 min


Reunion - Ten years after war

Reunion – ti år etter krigen

Directing: Jon Haukeland


The film is an emotional search into the mechanism of oppression, based upon a documentary film from 1999 “Before the bombs fell”. In 1999, Serbian military forces and Albanian guerrillas were fighting in Kosovo. Serbs and Albanians lived separated lives. But when their country was on the brink of war, a group of students from Pristina decided to meet their opponents for the first time. Two weeks after the meeting there was a NATO bombing and the joint ceased to exist. Ten years later the participants meet again. The conflicts between them are now even stronger. Both groups have different opinions on what really happened. When they watch the film of their last meeting in 1999 they can see themselves as if in the mirror, but it also becomes obvious that the conflict remains, in many ways, the same. Only now the tables turn around. Through a long night of talking they get closer to each other, when they decide to find a way out of the circle of oppression.
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