90 min,

52 min

In production

Dissenters And Madness

Диссиденты и безумие

Directing: Sergey Gindilis


A group of young writers and theatre performers are working on a documentary piece featuring one of the most egregious cases of politically motivated psychiatric abuse in the Soviet Union, the story of Ukrainian mathematician and dissident, Leonid Plyusch.
Based on the materials of his criminal case, the young artists recreate the story of his confrontation with the authorities, his forced hospitalization, and his life in a hospital under heavy neuroleptics.
While creating and rehearsing the documentary play, the artists born some 30 years after Leonid Plyusch was detained and tortured in psychiatry hospital, are confronting the accounts of other victims and eyewitnesses, leading discussions on the matter, and finding parallels with the human rights violations taking place in present Russia.
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