In production

The Intensive Life Unit

Jednotka intenzivního života

Ondřej and Kateřina are two senior physicians, who have been working at the hospital Intensive Care Unit for several years. Every day they face the situations on the edge between life and death. Everyday they witness people leaving this world in the hospital's beds undergoing futile treatment without a proper chance to express what the patients really want for their last moments.

The ideals, hard work, discontent with the status quo and belief in humanity is what drives these two doctors to establish the first palliative team in Czech hospitals, set to change the preconceptions about the perception of human beings dying inside of a hospital building. Their goal is to improve the way we communicate and prepare for the last moments in one's existence, so each individual can depart peacefully.

The film focuses on the first steps of this palliative unit, the disillusion of learned mechanics and the inability to apply them in practice. No one teaches you how to talk to fatally ill patients in med schools, you can't even take a communication course or talk to a skilled professional within your education. And even if you could, how do you prepare someone for such a challenge?

In authentic places the doctors slowly learn how to deal with these issues, mirroring one of the main premises of the movie: did our civilization go so far into the hyper-technological mindset, we forgot how to talk about something as fundamental as death?
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