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The Place of Love

Место любви

Imagine yourself going to a place with sorrowful title Social Center for Mentally Impaired People. And you think like “come on, these disabled, pain and disease again”. You feel sorry for these people, but, honestly, bored. Maybe, it’s a bit cruel thoughts out loud, but this is the image evoked in head by this hackneyed stereotype: being mentally impaired is a stigma, person with such a disability is completely helpless, suffering, weak and sad and etc. etc. etc.

So, you’re already here. And incredibly handsome, easy-going and cheeky guy finds you at the porch and approaches to you right away: “Well hello, baby. Do you have boyfriend? If don’t, would you be my babe?” And this is only the beginning. In this place everything falls into love fever which guides you through world full of passions and intensive search for love.

Four main characters of the film: Vadim, a lover boy, local Don Juan, who breaks girls hearts, but deep inside suffers from solitude; Tanya, a possessive woman, who in her maniac desire to marry her beloved man Denis and persistence in defending her love from all potential rivals reminds of Adele Hugo; Olya, a type of young girl very close to Larisa Ogudalova from Ostrovsky’s The Poor Bride, inexperienced pure soul who’s attention many young guys from the center are seeking for and who after this appears under hate, humiliation and intrigues from the other girls; Lyosha, who’s selfless love to people and sacrifice he made at the cost of his psychic health is comparable with Prometheus.

All characters’ pathologies are of light forms, they could find use and place in society, if it didn’t deny them from right to be a part of it. By following their stories and sinking into the world of the film, we unexpectedly find not disabled people but cheerful and full of passion to life personalities with great character and spirit strength. And at some point you can catch yourself forgotten about their disabilities.
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