75 min

Post production

Man of Marble

Człowiek z marmuru

Directing: Szymon Kuriata


Remik is a young father, in his late twenties, struggling with an alcohol use disorder that accounts for the break-up of his relationship with Magda that in turn led to limiting contacts with his son. The man also lost his job and consequently had to move in with his mother. Magda is a beautiful, self-assured girl, spending most of her free time on social media. In the face of his parenting and partnering failure Remik decides to pull himself together and regain what he lost. In order to prove his value to himself and others he takes up a job as a construction worker and starts working hard. He documents his alteration through a YouTube channel that he set up and called "Man of Marble". Meanwhile, Magda takes over the responsibility of taking care of Franek and faces the dilemma: how many times can she give her child's father a "second chance"?
Does the dream of a happy family still have a chance to come true and will the protagonists manage to go beyond the enchanted circle of further stumbles, limitations that they have brought from their homes and expectations made by society and themselves?
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