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Zoryana Horobraya

Zoryana Horobraya

A coming-of-age story of a young woman having to choose between her loved ones.


No one remains unscathed after being confronted by the power of the steppe.
Zula from Chechnya

Zula from Chechnya

A story about a doctor and her two sons who had to escape from Grozne because of the war, enables us to look deeper and in a more universal way at the problems of refugees applying for asylum; the difficulties of people…
Zuzana Michnová: Regarding Fame I Can´t Complain

Zuzana Michnová: Regarding Fame I Can´t Complain

A feature-length documentary film about the singer-songwriter Zuzana Michnová. Best known for her long-time collaboration with the folk band Marsyas, 63-year-old Michnová still tours the Czech Republic to perform to…


“Zvicra” (which means "Switzerland" in Albanian) highlights the complexity of lost and rediscovered identities in Switzerland, a country that is destined to adapt to ever-increasing population arrivals. The film tackles


It takes 20 minutes on foot to get from the town of Nikola-Lenivets to the village of Zviszhi. Nikola-Lenivets is the site of Arkhstoyaniye, a most fashionable festival of landscape objects. Zviszhi is the place where…
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