Neisse Film festival

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The Neisse Film Festival, at home in the southeastern corner of Germany, where the German, Polish and Czech borders meet, is characterized by cooperation between film clubs in the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland, and offers a glimpse into film production in the three neighbor countries.

Since its inception in Grosshennersdorf and Zittau in 2004, the Neisse Film Festival has grown steadily, and now films have also been shown across eastern Saxony in cinemas in Ebersbach and Goerlitz and Mittelherwigsdorf. One aspect of the festival which makes it unique in Germany, is its internationality, with films being shown in three countries. Today films will be shown in neighboring towns such as Bogatynia and Zgorzelec (in Poland), and Hrádek n.N., Liberec, Rumburk and Varnsdorf (in the Czech Republic).


Neisse Film festival

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