Visegrad Film Festival

About the Company

The founder and Director of Visegrad Film Festival grew up in Slovakia, one of the Visegrad 4 countries. The region has a very strong film history and produced movies on par with the rest of world cinema, but have not getting the exposure it deserves. These feelings were confirmed by the Irish and International patrons of the first Visegrad Film Festival of 2015, by their very positive feedback after each of these screenings.

A chance encounter with a friend on a visit to Slovakia, the idea started to take shape and was transforming itself to the realms of reality. The program director, curator of the Slovak selection, writer, director, and producer brought to the festival her experience and hands-on approach and the Visegrad Film Festival was born.

The International Visegrad Fund shared the enthusiasm and financially supported the festival as well. Special thanks goes to Camden Palace Hotel who sponsored the venue for the festival and who is in fact one of the main organiser. We are lucky to be surrounded by such creative and professional people and we have some great selection of movies, guests and food prepared for you. We hope to see you there.


Visegrad Film Festival

Cork, IE
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