Evdokiya Moskvina


Evdokiya Moskvina


The New Silk Way

Thanks to its geographical position and common history on the borders with China, Primorje coastal province became an attractive place for large Chinese business community. In order to benefit from the free market as much as possible, Chinese traders hire Russian women, the so-called „pomogajkas” (helping hands), to carry goods through Russian customs and avoid paying taxes.
Nadia is 46 years old, brave Russian woman. Left by her husband-to-be 25 years ago, she made her first heroic step when she left Ukraine and moved to the other end of the Soviet Union – Primorje. Only 8 years later, she was all alone to take care of her family as her alcoholic husband left and the collapse of the Soviet Union took her job away. Although she has a university degree in literature, she did not hesitate to become a market saleswoman. Later, she found another job: managing the weekly business round-trips to China. China became the Promised Land for all the „helpers”; a paradise allowing one to escape squalid reality for a wide range of affordable beauty salons, cheap vodka, and men with no special claims. During the 17 years, she has taken more than 1000 trips.
Today, circumstances force Nadia to break her „pomogajka” career. She must find someone to replace her, which is why she has to manage a very special trip to China.
This film is about crossing all sorts of borders: social, geographical, and political.

This film is about the breaking of all types of borders: social, geographical and political.
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