Alice Růžičková

Czech Republic

Alice Růžičková

film school representative, director

The Call of the Wild

The boy's head is hidding under his jumper. You recognize only a bright eyes and a cigarette in his mouth. If you are watching at him for a long time, he says to you: Your mam smells faul. Buzz off!
The small town. Two brathers. Local say: He is bad egg, you ignore him. But who is a bad egg? The rascal or people, who always calls „he will be always just rascal "? Everybody must have a chance for a change. This citizen´s conviction put a social blanket for this boys. The boys grow up without a friendship with other kids. All people are afraid of them. So they scream and destroy foreign property in their gang of young vandals.
Is there any key to solution their difficult life? Does have this one their mum und father? Help the social worker or the police?


Drama of the fated encounter of two strong personalities, whose impact on Czech history has been fundamental. It is hardly an exaggeration to say that the Czechoslovak Republic would not have come into existence without Charlotta.
The documentary depicts episodes from the lives of Charlotta and TGM which have not been rendered so far, whose beginnings took place in Leipzig and then continued in Prague, Vienna and New York.

Storyteller of the Jungle: Otto Placht

Twenty years ago, Alice Růžičková made a documentary about the Czech painter Otto Placht, portraying his life with his native family in Peru, on the borders of the Amazon rainforest. In addition to everyday struggles for survival, Otto devoted himself to painting – the jungle became his lifelong central theme. The documentary confronts Otto Placht with the transformations over the preceding 20 years both in his personal and professional lives, as well as his views on the transformation of the Amazon habitat. The central narrative rests in the painter’s return to the Amazon with his son Pino.
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