Filip Remunda

Czech Republic

Filip Remunda

director, producer

Pepik the Czech Goes to Poland In a Quest for Love of God

In the middle of Europe, two nations coexist side by side, close to one another in many ways and yet worlds apart. The Czechs are dedicated atheists, while the Poles are born as baptized Catholics. Czechs shake their heads in disbelief at Polish piety, while Poles hold Czechs in contempt for living without God. A Czech documentary crew sets out on a summertime pilgrimage across Poland in order to investigate through the camera the concrete situation regarding the notion of Czech atheism vs. Polish religion.

Caught in the Net

The feature-length documentary film CAUGHT IN THE NET (in 90’ and 50’ minute versions) opens the hitherto taboo topic of online child abuse. Statistics show that the problem is becoming bigger with each passing day. Unfortunately, awareness remains very low. Recently, in the Czech Republic a man was sentenced to 6, 5 years in prison for having abused 162 girls using the Internet. His youngest victim was only 5 years old; her sister had been stripping her naked in front of a webcam. Investigators have called it the most extensive case in the history of Czech cybercrime. Similar cases occur around the world.

Cyber perpetrators and deviants often hide behind a fake child profile, making it easier for them to reach out to their "peers". Using sophisticated tricks, they soon gain the child's trust and try to get the most intimate materials possible from them (naked selfies or erotic videos). If they succeed, they then begin to blackmail the child by threatening to post these images on Facebook, or even to print them as posters and post them around the victim’s school. In exchange for not doing so, they demand ever more explicit photos and videos, or even meetings in person. Very often the perpetrator sets a deadline, which then puts the child under enormous pressure.
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