Kamila Zlatušková

Czech Republic

Kamila Zlatušková

commissioning editor, producer, director, film school representative

Children of Iceland

Many children from the Czech Republic labelled as "unplaceable" are leaving their homeland for Iceland, which is one of the few countries in the world that accept them with love. The Czechs have no interest in adoption of Roma children. The documentary reveals the incredible story of several Icelandic families that have decided to adopt Roma children from the Czech Republic. Children often come to new families with trauma from orphanages, families of origin or genetic predispositions. The new families don't understand the Czech anti-roma attitude, they are not regularly confronted with the TV news about Roma criminality, segregation of children in schools or depressing reality of socially excluded localities. How are these children doing in a society that is not looking at them with prejudices? How do they cope with language, school and relationships with peers? Will they ever want to come back "home"?

Othello Is Black

This documentary film follows the theater project Maringotka - Othello Is Black. In the summer of 2012, the travelling theater with a horse and caravan visits the Sluknov region for some 30 performances of Shakespeare's play. The film captures students of the Prague Academy of Performing Arts confronted with the reality of a socially and ethnically excluded area.

Czechoslovakia As a Hobby

A tragicomic documentary about three French retirees who guard the legacy of Czechoslovakia of Masaryk's time. Three French seniors have found the meaning of life in keeping alive the memory of a country that no longer exists. André Poirot from Darney is the director of a local museum of Czechoslovakia. The museum is visited by five people a month. Vaclav Eugene Faucher takes care of the uniform and memory of his father who led a French military mission during the first republic. Pierre Sputil became a mayor of Sokol de Paris because he has a knack for cooking Czech meals.

Beer As an Opinion

Wherever you say the Czech Republic, most people do not imagine anything. And if so, then it is mostly – beer. Beer is not only a commodity that draws in tourists but it is a nationwide lifestyle. From normal chatter to political hanky-panky, everything is discussed over a beer. This phenomenon is worthy of thorough examination because through beer and beer lifestyle, we can learn about the Czech Republic as a whole.
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