Martin Hůlovec

Czech Republic

Martin Hůlovec


Searching for the Light

A full-length documentary dedicated to life and work of Antonin Kratochvil. B&W feature film captures inner worlds of this world-famous photographer and all periods of his life in an in-depth, yet attractive form. Dramatic character and uniqueness of the story are emphasized by original audio-visual elaboration in line with the photographer´s immutable style. The main idea of the story is FREEDOM as synonym of LIGHT. FREEDOM we believe most concisely characterizes hardly grasping and incalculable personality and work of Antonin Kratochvil. The script is based on original two-layered storytelling with plot split into ten consecutive chapters adapted in a way to keep the visual uniqueness of the movie. Each chapter starts with the letter composing the word “searching” – START, EMOTION, ART, RESEARCH, COOPERATION, HOME, INDEPENDENCE, NEED, and GOAL. Nine chapters capture different phases of the photographer´s life. The tenth chapter – LIGHT IS LIFE – is compiled as a high tide of the storytelling. Each chapter holds clear intention and punch line. Besides Kratochvil, we meet his family and friends and some famous persons with whom he has worked with – David Bowie, Bono, Jean Reno and many more. Film will be shot on selected locations in the Czech Republic, USA (New York, California), The Netherlands (Amsterdam), Tchernobyl (Ukraine) and other places linked to life and work of Antonin Kratochvil.

Through the Viewfinder of AK 47

According to American Photo Magazine, Antonín Kratochvíl is one of the 100 world's most important photographers. He payed for success and glory not only by hard work in places everybody want to leave. He had left home his firstborn son and has only seen him twenty years after emigrating. The different lives on opposite sides of the iron curtain divides them till this day. They look and talk the same, but the difference is remarkable between Antonín, the globetrotter and his son Michael who prefers to work home in his atelier.
Their mutual efforts to converge are the film's main storyline. Many of an unsaid issue could be revealed as they travel together to the biggest refugee camp in Jordan. Family and colleagues will support the testimony about a father and a son, divided by history.
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