520 min


farEAST – from Berlin to Tokyo

fernOST – von Berlin nach Tokio

Režie: Christian KlemkeJohannes UngersJens StubenrauchManuela JödickeBritta LübkeAnsgar Frerich


A unique adventure: farEAST – From Berlin to Tokyo on the UNESCO’s Asian Highways, the largest system of roads worldwide. A journey through the heart of Asia. A continent between ancient traditions and future technologies now spreading its wings to take its place in the world. From the mountains of the Balkan towards Turkey, passing Iran into India, followed by Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand and Cambodia. From Vietnam to China and via North and South Korea to our final destination: the islands of Japan. The makers of the acclaimed television Series "HEADING EAST" created this new concept for a gripping and poetic road-documentary that, in ten parts, gives you an inside view of Asia from the cunning perspective that can only be obtained by means of a real and authentic voyage.
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