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Baby in the Woods

This film is a story about an 82 year old hero who dedicated his life to saving the world’s avant-garde jazz music, in the 1980s.

Leo Feigin was born in Leningrad and he was only 3 years old when the war started. His father spent fifteen years in Stalin’s Gulag, so Leo and his brother grew up without him. Being a Jewish child, with a Russian “traitor” for a father, Leo had a very special childhood. Given the circumstances and a long series of events, his path took an unpredictable course. Little by little, Leo has become a citizen of the entire world, his personal and professional life overcoming both physical borders as well as emotional ones.

He used to be a performance athlete. Gradually, he found his way into the world of jazz. After attending a secret meeting, in 1973, Leo was forced by the KGB to leave the Soviet Union. He spent a few months in Israel, but he soon ran away to London to take a BBC Russian Service job opportunity.

"That was a new chapter. That means to be literally drunk with freedom." - Leo

With the BBC salary and his wife’s pocket money, Leo started a record label in London. Soon after, he was secretly receiving magnetic tapes from all around the world – USSR, Japan, Africa, European countries. Therefore, Leo gave life to a camouflaged revolution in the West, which filled the pages of the most important jazz publications.

After 40 years of Leo Records and 82 years of life, he has in his catalogue some of the most famous jazz names in the world.

However, since his departure from this world is approaching, Leo needs to put the pieces of his soul back together, because he belongs to so many different places. A part of him was left behind in Russia, along with his childhood, his adult life and his old age are governed by an European spirit, while a big chunk of his soul is in the USA, together with his brother. The two haven’t seen each other for 10 years. Therefore, Leo will meet again with his 92 year old brother, across the ocean.
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