52 min


Dark Business – Child Trafficking in The Heart of Europe

Kinderhandel. Mitten in Europa

Režie: Sylvia NagelSonya Winterberg


More than 100,000 individuals will become victims of human trafficking in Europe this year, most of them young women and children. In the face of a never seizing demand and supply, the numbers are on the rise. Human trafficking has become big business in the world of organized crime even without the refugee crisis taken into account. German authorities are talking about every tenth victim being a minor between the ages of 14 and 17, some being considerably younger.

The countries of origin vary. Romania, Bulgaria, Poland and Nigeria are leading the statistics. Victims are being promised work or an education and a bright future. However, reality sets in when they end up being sold as prostitutes into shady apartments, red light district hotels, bars and brothels. Women and children are particularly affected: young women and girls represent 56 percent of victims of forced economic exploitation and 98 percent of victims of forced commercial sexual exploitation. Children are also being trafficked for begging or illegal activities, such as petty theft. By some estimates 35 billion Euros are being made from trafficking and associated industries in Europe alone each year. Trafficking as well as prostitution has established itself along the German borders with the Czech Republic and Poland where mostly young Roma women are being sold on the streets in the vicinity of border crossings.

Our film investigates the European situation across borders with a focus on Germany and France. Other countries come into play as we follow the money and leads to where trafficked children come from. How easy is it actually to “order” a child? Who do you have to talk to? Is it really done over the Internet? We follow leads inside the digital underworld, spend time with police posing as interested parties and speak with victims who have been able to find a new life with the help of organizations rescuing children from exploitive situations.
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