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I Have Never Been on an Airplane

Režie: Redon Kikaj


Isolated from the rest of the world since birth, Atdhe, Jeta and Tringa are three friends in their early twenties who live their lives in the youngest capital in the world, Prishtina.
All three are part of the first generation of Kosovars to enter the online world, being able to connect with people and places that are truly foreign to Kosovo. But this connection is problematic. Atdhe, Jeta and Tringa face the struggle of not being able to touch what they most desire – the other. While they battle this frustration that eats away motivation and inspiration, Atdhe, Jeta and Tringa are above all young people with great potential who dream of breaking the chains of political restrictions.
Achieving independence only in 2008, Kosovo is currently experiencing what is called a transition. These youngsters' dreams rely on the slow and often contradictory development of their country. The furthest they have ever traveled before in their lives, by bus or by car, is Belgrade and South of Albania – the rest, they know only through their screens.
Atdhe moved from a smaller city, Ferizaj, to the capital of Kosovo, Prishtina, to attend university. There, he gets caught up in a world of confusion, as he keeps switching from one university to another, hoping for the day he finally finds the willpower to finish one. Jeta is on a journey to fight her daily anxiety, as she recently graduated top of her class, and is now working as a professor’s assistant at the university. Tringa likes to birth imaginative worlds in her head, as she struggles with confidence and self-worthiness. These characters let us enter the intimacy of their lives, in a time of self-discovery and sociocultural transitions.
For the purpose of the documentary, Atdhe, Jeta and Tringa have the chance to pick the country of their dreams, and visit it for five days each – after years of longing. In this literal journey of airplanes, they enter the world of the unknown.
As they explore their dream country of choice.
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