8x10 min


Great Grandad's Tall Tales

Min Oldefars Historier

Režie: Tone Mygind Rostbøll


Five-year-old Theodor pays a visit to his amazing, charming and slightly scary Great Grandad who lives atop a mountain in Norway together with his little cat, Bombi Bitt. Great Grandad has only one ‘good’ eye, always wears a hat, smokes cigars and has a laugh so loud that it can be heard echoing across the mountains. In the Norwegian fells, Great Grandad recounts amazing tales about his childhood friend ‘Fatso’ to his – often impatient – great grandchild – and Theodor listens, goes off exploring and invents imaginative games to play in the Norwegian countryside, the home of the grazing moose and growling bear. Theodor’s games are inspired by Great Grandad’s tall tales, for up in the mountains there are no iPads, TV nor children to play with. Here, a boy’s imagination is given free rein.
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