38 min


What Remains - An Obituary on Wilhelmine and Bernard

Was bleibt - ein Nachruf auf Wilhelmine und Bernard

Režie: Judith Schein


My grandparents Wilhelmine, an austrian catholic, and Bernard, a jewish czeckslowakian comunist, were always present in my life although I never met them. The place where I grew up is full of memorabilia of Wilhelmine´s and Bernard´s life. My father Hermann is responsible for that.

Hermann lives with their furniture, Marx and Lenin bust, Hanukkah lamp, countless Photos, Letters from the relatives of my grandparents and oilpaintings on the wall, even though he does not like them. The film concentrates on what was left behind by my grandparents and their life. It approaches the question whether it is possible for a house and its interior to narrate history.
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