90 min

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The Future of Forever

Režie: Ana Brzezińska


Mankind is at the verge of a major transition. Never before our species has been so powerful, and yet our planet is all but safe. Global feeling of reaching a dead end is taking its toll. Fears and utopias are growing fast. But, surprisingly, there are very few scenarios on the table. The supposed apocalypse of December 21, 2012 becomes an ironic starting point for an internationally based story of pioneers who have a plan for our species – on Earth and beyond. Their goal is to find the answer to the ultimate question: how can mankind survive and develop? Transhumanists who believe we should conquer death, space explorers hoping to invade Mars, and an outstanding group of geeks from the Silicon Valley, who believe that mind uploading can make us live forever. Sometimes on the verge of madness, both mystic and naive, all these people share a common idea: to overstep the limit of death and explore the unknown. What hides beneath their need to change human destiny? What if they succeed? Join us on an amazing, scientific journey and discover the future of mankind – wherever it lies: under Earth, or over Earth.
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