Paying a Visit to Fortuna

Fortuna vendégei

Anikó and Laci are a middle-aged couple living in a small town in Hungary. Before winning two-million euros in 2013, they lived in deep poverty. Their circumstances were miserable. Still, they managed stability, often dreaming about a holiday by the sea.

Since hitting the jackpot, Laci, who had been the breadwinner, was able to stop working. Anikó recovered from the panic disorder from which she was suffering for twenty-five years and had kept her disabled.

Hand in hand, truly full of gratitude, the couple dived into a life of which they felt was luxury. For Laci, this means the “freedom of not doing”, while for Anikó this means the “power of doing”.

On their way to realizing material happiness, their relationship completely changed. Anikó has become bossy and nervous. She is the one who manages the expenses even though, technically, Laci won the jackpot. Laci avoids Anikó and her businesses, and has faded into inactivity.

Back then Laci was an alcoholic. Although he was sober during most of their marriage, the circumstances have led him to start drinking again. By now he has successfully quit – but the couple is facing the fact that the rehab has not solved their marriage problem.

The personal story of the couple's delight and unexpected difficulties are shown as a contemporary fable about finding happiness.
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