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Dniester - The Irreversible Flow of Life

Nistru - cursa ireversibilă a vieții

Režie: Iurie Tocmas


A film will be a metaphorical story of Dniester capturing diverse occasional moments of life, from small incidents to historical ruins of the past and mystical experiences of humans, sometimes the river becoming the last witness of life and time on its banks. Besides providing water and shelter to all living beings, Dniester keeps moments from the life of a whole nation.
On its way the river collects countless stories of locals and with special sensitivity treasures childhood memories. Crossing several countries, the Dniester is destined to witness many traditions, wars, migration and to face environmental hazards threatening its whole existence. What would the disappearance of this magnificent river mean for the people living alongside it and what will be the end of the river's journey? The life of the river is inseparable from the life of humans. Everything that a man does is reflected on the river’s path. Sooner or later a man will turn to Dniester to learn about his past and answer the questions why life here flows in this way.


Představujeme 12 projektů workshopu Ex Oriente Film 2020
1. 6. 2020

Představujeme 12 projektů workshopu Ex Oriente Film 2020

Institut dokumentárního filmu představuje 12 dokumentárních projektů, které byly vybrány do 18. ročníku workshopu Ex Oriente Film z rekordního počtu 108 přihlášených projektů.
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