Panel: Reviving European Cinema

Režie: Jarmila Outratová


Critics say that European film production is losing its spirit and it is a fact that European cinema lags behind America in terms of global box office revenues. A concern arises that Europe will become a colony of powerful streaming platforms. How to revive European cinema and what are the ways to address the viewers? What is it that makes European films different and authentic?

Four up-and-coming producers from different parts of Europe – all alumni of the acclaimed EMERGING PRODUCERS programme – will share their experience and take part in the discussion which will take place during the East Doc Platform and streamed as part of Ji.hlava’s Echoes in Brussels, Paris and New York.

Anamaria Antoci,Tangaj Production, Romania
Jasmina Sijercic, Bocalupo Films, France
Radim Procházka, Produkce Radim Prochazka s.r.o, Czech Republic
Pedro Fernandes Duarte, Primeira Idade, Portugal

Marek Hovorka, festival director, Ji.hlava IDFF, Czech Republic
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