Roses. Film-Cabaret

Рози. Фільм-Кабаре

A tragicomic musical documentary exploring the heights of the cabaret genre in the modern world, following the seven female artists of the intellectual freak cabaret ‘Dakh Daughters Band’. Zooming in on each of the artists one by one, we discover 7 roles, 7 images of femininity, 7 ways to be oneself, 7 mottos to live by.
Living through a pivotal moment in the history of their country, the Maidan Revolution of 2014, art became a way for the Dakh Daughters to reflect upon those events and face the harsh reality of today’s Ukraine with wisdom and hope. This political cabaret draws its magic from combining the joie de vivre and the horror of the devastating war — even if we don’t see it, its shadow is always there, darkened by the bright stage lights.
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