16 min



Režie: Anna Gyimesi


Els is in her late-forties, divorced and in love again. For her, falling in love was not easy: it meant that she had to accept, she has a life even if her twenty-year-old daughter wants to die and has already asked for psychiatric euthanasia which her mother can do nothing about. In the storm of her own emotions, mixed with guilt, anger, fear and hope, love is what teaches Els to try stepping forward even if it seems impossible. She meets with her daughter one per week, continuously trying to make a distance between herself and her daughter on the purpose of continuing her own life as an independent human being and a woman in love. While she is waiting for the decision about the euthanasia from her daughter's psychiatric team and tries to accept her will, she still hopes that her daughter will change her mind. Falling is a lyrical, found footage-based testimony from a mother who faces not only the taboos surrounding motherhood, but also the most difficult situation in her life.



Účastnice projektů IDF slavily úspěchy na Sarajevo Film Festivalu
28. 8. 2023

Účastnice projektů IDF slavily úspěchy na Sarajevo Film Festivalu

Na 29. filmovém festivalu v Sarajevu získaly cenu dva filmy účastnic projektů IDF. Anna Gyimesi si odnesla cenu Heart of Sarajevo za nejlepší studentský film za svůj absolventský projekt Falling a Kumjana Novakova obdržela cenu Human Rights Award
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