O společnosti

The Norwegian Documentary Film Festival, or Dokfilm as we call it, is the largest and oldest festival for Norwegian documentary films. The festival was arranged for the first time in 1997, and has since then been an event where filmmakers and the audience meet every spring in beautiful Volda.

Dokfilm aims to show the best of Norwegian documentary film and to promote young film makers. We want to be a place for Norwegian documentarists and that the audience will open their eyes to what Norwegian documentaries has to offer, as well as international filmmakers. Four prizes are awarded during the festival - Best feature documentary, best short documentary, best student production and the audience award.

During Dokfilm it will also be arranged different seminars and activities, and we have our own festival café, where you can buy breakfast, lunch and dinner for a low price. We also have a private festival area with DokumenBar, and outdoor tent where you can meet other visitors in the spring weather.
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