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Bellingham Human Rights Film Festival

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BHRFF is an occasion for our community to explore critical rights issues together and to deliberate how we might respond to promote human rights near and far. What are rights, what are universal human rights – and what do we do? Such questions are at the core of BHRFF and why we are happy to continue in a second decade of bringing insightful and inspiring films to Bellingham.

For nineteen years, community members committed to human rights have cooperatively researched and screened many films, discussed and deliberated in order to come up with a compelling lineup, and voluntarily organized and presented a vibrant festival, that today encompasses ten days and about twenty films.

We hope to encourage a wide sharing of knowledge – among friends and family, students and teachers, and the public at large – to invite you to support these endeavors by attending, engaging in essential needed dialog, and helping out financially. You can research films, develop learning activities in a class you give or take, participate in facilitating a future festival – or co-sponsor a film about which you are passionate.


Bellingham Human Rights Film Festival

c/o Ross Marquardt 218 Sea Pines Rd.
Bellingham WA
98229, US
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