Adorija Film Studio

O společnosti

Film studio ADORIJA is a full-service independent production company.

The studio was established in 2001, it is a rapidly and dynamic developing company and unites professional and experienced people, who have been working for many years in cinematography and television.
Studio ADORIJA is situated in Riga, the Capital of Latvia.

The company is divided into three departments:
Production of documentaries, feature films and TV programs,
Production of commercials,
Production services for foreign projects.
Studio ADORIJA has its own premises in the center of Riga.
It is a fully equipped film and video production company.
ADORIJA specializes in documentaries, feature films, broadcast programs, educational, commercials and industrial films.


Adorija Film Studio

9, Martas Str.
Riga, LV
fax: + 371 7317565
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