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Who can apply

The call is open to creative feature-length documentary projects and docuseries in the development and early production stage that challenge genres, formats, and media boundaries.
The workshop is designed for creators mainly from Central and Eastern Europe (incl. selected EU acceding and candidate countries) and/or creative documentary projects dealing with stories from said region.
For more details, see the list of eligible countries.

Before applying, read the application guidelines HERE.

Applications are open until February 26, 2024, and are entirely free of charge.

If you have questions about the Ex Oriente Film or application, contact us at

Grow as a storyteller and get your project to the next level through the renowned international documentary laboratory. Bring your creative vision to life, develop your story and get inspired with the help of exceptional talents. Benefit from tailor-made mentoring and find your own way of artistic expression, get unique access to the documentary market and much more. 

Let’s find a way to challenge the boundaries together

As Ex Oriente Film, we empower ambitious projects that won’t compromise on their story and creative language to fit in. We always seek creators who take us on a journey we didn’t even know was possible. Fearless visionary works can count on our support by fostering international, interdisciplinary and intergenerational collaboration. We bolster open and safe space for ideas, experiments, free discussions and the sharing of best practices. We strive to build a community and strong relationships that help you and your project find the right place in the industry. 

Two decades of experience at your fingertips

For more than 20 years we at Ex Oriente Film support established and emerging film professionals and talented storytellers from Central and Eastern Europe. Every year, the participants work with and get inspired by more than 30 renowned filmmakers and international industry experts.

Our participants benefited from working with our leading tutors - Iikka Vehkalahti, Filip RemundaIvana Pauerová Miloševičová and other big names in the industry such as Hubert Sauper, Mikael Opstrup, Yaël Bitton, Justin Webster, Nanfu WangCaroline Libresco, Marc Isaacs, Kirsten Johnson and much more

The Ex Oriente Film 2024 also brings expanded training and opportunities for producers led by a distinguished producer - Christian Popp.

The only training for docuseries

As the demand for documentary series keeps growing, we’ve decided to create a special training programme just for them. We are currently the only workshop that offers this specialised training. So don’t hesitate to apply below! The docuseries training is led by creative producer - Ruth Reid.

How does it work?

The Ex Oriente Film documentary laboratory includes 12 feature-length documentary projects and 5 docuseries projects represented by director-producer or creator-producer teams who will attend 3 residential sessions and additional online sessions.

The training programme concludes at the East Doc Forum pitching, where you’ll present your project to more than 80 international decision-makers. You’ll also get a chance to win various prizes and scholarships, financial support, co-production agreements, access to leading European markets, and partner training.

By joining the Ex Oriente Film, you also become a part of the exclusive Alumni network and receive lifetime access to the one-of-a-kind follow-up programme that enables you and more than 550 creators to share ideas, learn from one another, build relationships and grow.  

Ex Oriente Film 2024 timeline



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