Ex Oriente Film

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Ex Oriente Film 2022 - workshop 2: Production and Story Development

Kompletní program se koná v EA Business Hotelu Jihlava (Havlíčkova 5625/28)

Úterý 25. 10.
10:00 – 11:30
KATHLEEN MCINNIS MASTERCLASS: VOICE gives you authority for your storytelling
In her masterclass, an American industry expert, producer, publicist, curator and consultant Kathleen McInnis will talk about Voice. VOICE is what each filmmaker has that is uniquely their own to bring to their work, be it in story, in execution, in visuals, or in any other form (including how they verbally talk about their work as an artist, for example). Voice defines you. Not in cement forever more, but in the moment for the moment. Voice is how the Industry will talk about you. Voice is what Programmers are searching to see and, once found, championing to present. Voice sets you apart. Voice makes you stand out. To define your Voice is to understand yourSelf. Voice is the vehicle you drive on the Journey to Audience. Voice is inviolate, sacred.
Masterclass je organizována ve spolupráci s American Film Showcase a Velvyslanectvím USA v České republice. Republic.

Pátek 28. 10.
10:00 – 11:30
A publicity campaign is an essential part of launching your film into the world. But how does this work? What kind of materials do you need? How do you write a good synopsis? What makes a good film still? Which information should be included in a press kit? And what can be expected when it comes to press? International film publicist Mirjam Wiekenkamp (NOISE Film & TV) will share her ins and outs on publicity campaigns and get you ready to rock the festival circuit.

Pátek 28. 10.
13:00 – 14:30
Czech award-winning director, script editor and FAMU lecturer Lucie Králová will focus her masterclass on her documentary opera Kapr Code about progressive Czech composer and prominent communist Jan Kapr (1914-88). In her latest documentary Lucie Králová starts a philharmonic dialogue with Kapr, by mixing newly composed opera songs (written by Jiří Adámek) with Kapr’s never-before-shown private archive, revealing his humour, inner struggles and desire to leave a mark. A playful reconstruction of life after death; where the memory of film and Kapr’s music interacts with a story gaining mythological dimensions. 

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