Watch IDF Industry Session no. 20 and many more!

7. 10. 2021

Author: Veronika Zýková

IDF Industry Sessions, a series of online masterclasses, lectures and panel discussions about current topics with film directors, producers, composers, critics and other guests, have reached number 20! Have you missed some of them? You can still watch selected Sessions! See the playlist on Facebook and YouTube.

▪️ 6/10 2021 Ethical Challenges in Documentary Film with Erika Hníková and Adéla Komrzý, moderated by Patricia Aufderheide
▪️ 22/9 2021 Docuseries 101: How to Pitch Your Project (Illicit Trade) with Diego Breit Lira, moderated by Marek Novák
▪️ 15/9 2021 Global Impact with THE WHY Foundation with Mette Hoffmann Meyer and Julianna Ugrin, moderated by Barbora Hudečková
▪️ 23/6 2021 Mads Brügger Masterclass: Control of Narrative in Documentary Films with Peter Kerekes
▪️ 21/6 2021 Dialogue of Cinematographers with Kirsten Johnson and Tomasz Wolski, moderated by Hana Kulhánková
▪️ 9/6 2021 Changes in Audience Behaviour with Matt Locke and Diana Tabakov
▪️ 26/5 2021 Festivals as Distribution Platforms with Inka Achté, Philippa Kowarsky, Jeffrey Fabian Winter and Katie McCullough, moderated by Sean Farnel
▪️ 21/5 2021 Belarusian Courage with Tatsiana Hatsura-Yavorska and Aliaksei Palyuan, moderated by Heleen Gerritsen
▪️ 20/5 2021 Salomé Jashi Masterclass moderated by Hana Kulhánková
▪️ 28/4 2021 Challenges of Independent Cinemas with Barbora Kucsa Prágerová, Mirona Radu and Mustafa El Mesaoudi, moderated by Steve Rickinson
▪️ 8/4 2021 Self-Representation of Roma in Documentary Films with Vera Lacková and Katalin Bársony, moderated by Hana Kulhánková
▪️ 11/3 2021 Community Cinema in Pandemic Times with Maja Lindquist, Ivana Formanová and Kristýna Genttnerová, moderated by Hana Kulhánková.
▪️ 10/2 2021 Miriam Cutler Masterclass moderated by George Cremaschi
▪️ 16/12 2020 Christmas VoD Selection with Agustina Lumi, Diana Tabakov, Sylvain Baldus and Sasa Stanisic, moderated by Marta Balaga
▪️ 2/12 2020 Film PR and Marketing without Meeting People with Mirjam Wiekenkamp, Moara Passoni and Xavier Henry-Rashid, moderated by  Sean Farnel
▪️ 18/11 2020 Film Festivals in 2021 with Melanie Iredale, Victoria Leshchenko, Christine Camdessus and Rebecca De Pas, moderated by Marta Balaga
▪️ 11/11 2020 Sales in the Times of Pandemic with Andrea Hock, moderated by Anna Kaslová
▪️ 4/11 2020 Filming in the Time of Corona with Ada Solomon, Vanja Jambrović and Christian Popp, moderated by Brigid O'Shea
▪️ 14/10 2020 Protests and Belarusian Sisterhood with Maria Yahorava and Marion Döring, moderated by Elena Gapova

Organized by the Institute of Documentary Film in Prague with support of Creative Europe MEDIA, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and Czech Film Fund.

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