Introducing desicion makers for Short Pitch at Millennium Docs Against Gravity festival

10. 5. 2023

Author: Tereza Plaveck√°

We are happy to introduce the decision makers who will have individual meetings with participants after the Short Pitch Program at Millennium Docs Against Gravity in Warsaw on May 14.

1. Wilhelm Faber  (festival representative, Germany) 
2. Mathieu Janssen (festival representative, Netherlands) 
3. Adam Slesicki (producer, organization representative, Poland)
4. Alexandra Gramatke (distributor, Germany)
5. Joanna Baranowska (festival representative, Poland)
6. Andy Norton (sales agent, festival representative, Finland)
7. Qila Gill  (festival representative, United Kingdom)
8. Veton Nurkollari  (festival representative and producer, Kosovo)
9. Jaie Laplante  (festival representative, USA) 
10. Rodrigo Pedro (festival representative, Portugal) 
11. Anna Gawlita (producer and director, Poland)

More about chosen projects you can find in the article here

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