The Silver Eye Award 2024 at the East Doc Platform goes to Flowers of Ukraine

26. 3. 2024

Author: Anna Jurková

Congratulations to Flowers of Ukraine that has just received the Silver Eye Award 2024 for the best feature documentary at the Ceremony during One World Film Festival & East Doc Platform's Guests Meet Guests on March 26 at the Mayor´s residence in Prague. The Special Mention went to The Other One.

The winner has received not only a unique award trophy, but also a prize money of 2 500 €, and a year-long festival service of the East Silver Caravan worth of additional 3500 €. The international jury explained the choice: "A strong, independent and anarchist woman full of humor sets out to protect her piece of land against all odds. Initially fighting off developers, Natalia’s struggle becomes even more existential with Russia’s attack on Ukraine. The film is a portrait of a woman who never gives up and brings to the viewers a sense of hope."

The Special Mention was given with this statement: "The filmmaker takes us on an emotional coming-of-age journey close to the main protagonist and her family. The different perspectives and conflicts of the family members are shown sensitively and draw us right in, following Joana on her way to adulthood."

International jury:
Michael Kaschner - Commissioning Editor, GE
Nevena Milašinović - Sales Agent, Lightdox, Bosna a Hercegovina
Nadja Tennstedt - director of DOK Industry at DOK Leipzig

Nominated films:
ALICE ON & OFF (dir. Isabela von Tent, RO, 2024, 85´)
Fakir (dir. Roman Ďuriš, CZ, SK, PL, 2024, 83’)
Flowers of Ukraine (dir. Adelina Borets, PL, UA, 2024, 70’)
Forest (dir. Lidia Duda, CZ, PL, 2024, 84’)
The Guest (dir. Zvika Gregory Portnoy, Zuzanna Solakiewicz, PL, FR, QA, 2024, 84’)
When Harmattan Blows (dir. Edyta Wroblewska, PL, 2024, 80’)
The Other One (dir. Marie-Magdalena Kochová, CZ, SK, 2024, 84’)
Putin’s Playground (dir. Konrad Szolajski, CZ, PL, DE, NO, LV, BG, 2024, 92’)
Revolution 3.0 (dir. Reza Bird, CZ, USA, 2024, 78’)
Zero Zone (dir. Mark Hammond, LT, 2024, 92’)

Read more about all the nominated films and the jury

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