The Limits of Work at Doclisboa

15. 10. 2018

Author: Veronika Zýková

Visitors of the prestigious festival, Doclisboa, will have the opportunity to watch Apolena Rychlíková's documentary, The Limits of Work, in the section Doc Alliance. In the documentary the journalist Saša Uhlová explores working conditions in the worst paid jobs in the Czech Republic. Other East Silver Caravana titles – Empire BuildersNO! NO! NO! and The Last Ice Hunters – can be found in the programme of upcoming festivals.

Monologue, Otto Lakoba's short documentary, which is among the nominated films for Silver Eye Award, is in the international competition of Doclisboa. The war in Abkhazia ended more than twenty years ago, but the shadows wandering in the corridors of the psychiatric hospital still remind us of its impact. Sometimes we see ourselves in those shadows and glimpse fragments of reality in their monologues. The monochromatic way they see the world carries many more meanings than we are able to perceive.

Festival dei Popoli will screen in the section Doc At Work - Campus Czech films produced by FAMU, among them the documentary essay about self-taught but ambitious right-wing populists, Empire Builders by Andran Abramjan.

Slovenian documentary, The Last Ice Hunters, was screened in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, South Korea, Canada, Pakistan, Iran and other countries. The film, capturing the vanishing world of Inuit communities of East Greenland, was selected for Brasília International Film Festival (BIFF 2018), Macedonian Eho - mountain film festival and Austrian Mountainfilm Graz, all these festivals take place in November. In December the documentary will be screened in France at Le FIFMA.

The short Ukrainian film, NO! NO! NO!about young people in Donbass confronted with the war not far away, received nomination for this year's Silver Eye Award and it will be screened at two German festivals: in October at the 27th edition of dokumentART and in November at the 35th edition of Kasseler Dokfest.

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