One World FF Slovakia with East Silver Caravan titles

10. 10. 2019

Author: Veronika Zýková

Line-up of the 20th edition of One World FF Slovakia includes East Silver Caravan titles Home Games (dir. Alisa Kovalenko), Ticket to the Moon (dir. Veronika Janatková), The Good Death (dir. Tomáš Krupa) and much more. The festival takes place October 9–13, 2019, in Bratislava.

The Competition includes East Silver's Ticket to the Moon (dir. Veronika Janatková) about space enthusiasts on both sides of the Iron Curtain became members of Pan Am’s First Moon Flights Club and The Good Death (dir. Tomáš Krupa) about terminally ill Janette who wants to die in a dignified way. Another East Silver title, Home Games (dir. Alisa Kovalenko), is part of the programme section "Social situation, political regimes".

KineDok titles are also included in the Competition: a look  at the life and work of director Miloš Forman, from the Czech New Wave to Hollywood, Forman vs. Forman (dir. Helena Třeštíková, Jakub Hejna), a story of Tomáš Baťa, the first Czechoslovak businessman, founder of a global shoe empire, mayor of Zlín, BATAstories (dir. Peter Kerekeš), and a mosaic of stories from the century of our republic in the memories of century-old citizens from the foundation of Czechoslovakia to these days, My Century (dir. Theodora Remundová).

Martin Páv's Vote for Kibera was presented during Czech Docs... Coming Soon at the East Doc Platform 2018 and the film was successfully screened at various film festivals, including One World IHRDFF and Ji.hlava IDFF. The films follows various characters in the largest slum in Africa, located in the center of Nairobi, Kenya. Another documentary known to the visitors of the East Doc Platform, Over the Hills (dir. Martin Mareček) follows Vít and his son Grisha, who set off for a long journey to Russia. Never Happened by Barbora Berezňáková was developed within the Ex Oriente Film 2017 international training programme. The film mediates a return back to the near past of Slovakia through a specific example of the greatest social affair of the 1990s from the point of view of the dramatic event’s participants

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