East Silver Caravan films in DOK Film Market & Videolibrary

30. 10. 2019

Author: Veronika Zýková

East Silver Caravan films are part of DOK Film Market & Videolibrary at DOK Leipzig (October 28 – November 3, 2019). Find more about them and make sure to watch them.

A Year Full of Drama

Marta Pulk | 2019, Estonia | 100´
Small town girl from a minority family wins a job to watch every Estonian theatre show from 2018 – over 200 performances in 365 days. What will become of someone who has never been to theatre before?

Yulia Shatun | 2019, Belarus | 30´
A journey film through four cities, the present and the past. Minsk, Moscow and the cities of childhood shot by the director and her father 25 years ago are merged into one voice message to an unknown person.

Kiruna - A Brand New World
Greta Stocklassa | 2019
Czech Republic, Sweden | 87´
Located above the polar circle, the Swedish town Kiruna was built on a great iron ore deposit. Due to the mining, the town has started collapsing. So, it was decided to move the whole town to save the profiting industry. The town has turned a potential disaster into a great opportunity.

Jiří Trnka - A Long Lost Friend
Joël Farges | 2019, Czech Republic | 79´
A film about a forgotten legend of stop-motion animation and illustration who has captivated generations of children.

Pripyat Piano
Eliška Cílková | 2019, Czech Republic | 18´
What would we be able to see if we could hear better? The story of a tragedy told by sounds, music and lyrics featuring abandoned pianos standing in the Chernobyl Zone.

The Good Death
Tomáš Krupa | 2018, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, France, Germany | 83´
The story about the ultimate decision. The story about choosing death over life. Janette is terminally ill, and she would like to die a dignified death, but this is not possible in her home in the United Kingdom.

Ticket to the Moon
Veronika Janatková | 2019, Czech Republic, Germany | 68´, 52´
At the frenzy of the Space Race, almost 100,000 people on both sides of the Iron Curtain signed up to fly to the Moon at the PanAm‘s First Moon Flights Club. World was split to two realities of the East and the West, but there was just one Moon, for everybody.

Telenovela: Grey-Scale in Color
Filip Martinović | 2019, Serbia, Spain, Croatia | 61´
It has been 26 years since Filip’s (30) family has emigrated from Serbia to Spain. Filip’s father passed away when Filip was 12 and was buried in Barcelona. Today Filip lives in Belgrade and is trying to find an answer to a simple question: Where is he from?

Doggy Love
Linda Kallistová Jablonská | 2019, Czech Republic | 72´
Doggy Love is a film about the relativity of happiness, contentment and the journey to one’s dream, paved with discomfort that would be unbearable for most people.

The Place of Love
Liuba Zemtsova | 2019, Belarus | 52´
“The Place of Love” under its roof unites dramatic stories of 4 distinctive characters: Vadim, the local Don Juan who breaks girls‘ hearts but suffers from deep solitude, and Tanya, who possessively desires to marry her beloved man and defends her love from rivals.

Waiting for a Miracle
Aljona Surzhikova | 2019, Estonia | 14´
A woman’s biggest joy is giving the gift of life to a new human being. The biggest pain is the loss of a child which helps to see the beauty in life. This film is about life and how miraculous it is that we are alive.

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