IDF launches VoD Spotlight

12. 12. 2020

Author: IDF

VoD Spotlight is a brand new alternative online distribution for creative documentaries from the East Silver collection, connecting documentary filmmakers and VoD platforms. We have selected the most successful films of the East Silver Caravan. Their festival journey has ended and now they will be available on various VoD platforms.

VoD Spotlight is powered by the Institute of Documentary Film in Prague.

Download our flyer with VoD Spotlight selection

A Hole in the Head (Robert Kirchhoff, 2016, 90 min)
Avec l'amour (Ilija Cvetkovski, 2017, 66 min)
FC Roma (Tomáš Bojar, Rozálie Kohoutová, 76 min)
Home Games (Alisa Kovalenko, 2018, 87 min)
How Big Is the Galaxy? (Ksenia Elyan, 2018, 72 min)
King Skate (Šimon Šafránek, 2018, 82 min)
My Unknown Soldier (Anna Kryvenko, 2018, 79 min)
Normal Autistic Film (Miroslav Janek, 2016, 88 min)
The Good Death (Tomáš Krupa, 2018, 83 min)
The Last Ice Hunters (Jure Breceljnik, Rožle Bregar, 2017, 71 min)
The Limits of Work (Apolena Rychlíková, 2017, 70 min)
The Russian Job (Petr Horký, 2017, 63 min)
The White World According to Daliborek (Vít Klusák, 2017, 107 min)

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