Daniel's World

Danielův svět

Daniel is 25 years old. He studies at Academy of Literature and writes books. His stories are about a man who loves little boys. Once his friends asked him: Are you the pedophile you are writing about? Daniel stayed silent for a while and then he said: Yes, that's me. And there it was...
Daniel was the only member of the Czech pedophile community who decided to come out publicly. He felt it was another necessary step on his way to overcoming his fear. His fear of his surroundings, of his fantasies, of himself. His fear of being a pedophile. Daniel was gradually learning how to talk to people about it. And some of them have learnt to listen. Still, he knows he will have to face more or less hidden resentment from the society. It all seems better to him than hiding from himself for the rest of his life.
Can a pedophile lead a happy life? That is what Daniel asks himself every single day. He does not know what will eventually prevail in his life. Will it be joy or sorrow? Every day is a small battle against himself. Daniel is patiently gathering his little victories and little defeats, hoping that despite all this he will never have to do without a possibility of being close to children.
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