Berkat and Marsho/Happiness and Freedom

Berkat a Maršo/Štěstí a svoboda

Two courageous Czech women decide to set up an organization called Berkat (Happiness) with the aim of helping war victins, especially children. Jana Hradilkova and Petra Prochazkova discover the Sputnik camp on the Chechen-Ingush border, the home of 9000 refugges, who live not only in fear and sadness but also with joy, dance, music and art. They discover the children's dance group Marsho(Freedom) whereby they decide to organize a trip abroad for them, so that they can proudly present their national dances and music. Their aim was to allow the children to experience something other than the horrors of war, but ordinary life in a warless country. Jana and Petra devote their love, time and effort and permit the children to meet new people,gain new experiences,but most importantly, to encourage their long-lasting passion of traditional dance, the only aspect from their destroyed homeland that remains with them and excitement for life in a free world.
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