In development


Directing: Anna Khazaradze


Berliner follows a middle-aged immigrant woman from Georgia, Nana, an interpreter working for the Berlin law enforcement authority and refugee facility. She translates testimonies of criminal suspects from Post-Soviet countries and assists newly arrived refugees. Nana is always on call, never knowing when she will be asked to go in for work, which neighborhood or city she will end up in. She likes the job that keeps her on the move. She starts every new translation with the following words: 'Hello, I'm your interpreter.'

Years ago, Nana managed to survive and integrate into a foreign country all by herself.

Nana stands out with her unique character, tone of voice, flashy and color-coordinated outfits. She has a German husband and two kids with whom she lives in the old district of Berlin. Nana's inseparable accessory is a little suitcase, which is part of her daily life and makes her character even more charming. Nana's suitcase is for unforeseen occasions; she carries all her necessities like her armor, helping her and others face the daily challenges. The suitcase makes her look like a tourist against the backdrop of the big city of Berlin.

Nana takes her job seriously and tries to keep a professional distance, but usually, she takes the stories of refugees and suspects too close to her heart. She can identify with their problems and see them as a personal challenge because she went through the same herself years ago.

In the film, we observe the broad theme of immigration, the process that an asylum seeker in Germany goes through, and how this process intersects with criminal activities. Through Nana, the film will explore and unveil unknown stories of newcomers who struggle on their way to finding happiness abroad through different paths.
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