8x3 min

In development

Dance Plus City

Directing: Rūta Ronja PakalneMartti HeldeValerijs OlehnoVadym IlkovLina Luzyte


Dance Plus City is a series of 8 video narratives that intertwine static, heavy, textured architectural spaces from different eras with the remarkably vibrant bodies of contemporary dancers moving in all directions. The project has all the keys to open up wider international European hearts; it is short, attractive, has lots of dance, music, and movement, a ​variety of different interiors and exteriors, and presents different cultures, and different countries.

There will be one main theme for all 8 films directed by 8 directors in 4 different countries, The theme falls under the idea of movement, flow, and circulation. We want to explore spaces dedicated to the movement of ships, bodies, souls, ideas, memory, daily circulation, the flow. We will be filming at a school, a shipping terminal, a crematorium, a stadium, a museum, and other locations which have “movement” in themselves.

Another very important aspect of the movement is the international movement of creators. We have chosen the three Baltic countries - Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, as well as our neighbor Ukraine, which is very close to all of us today. We have invited directors from all four countries who will work outside their home countries. We hope to reveal both local buildings and contemporary dancers through the eyes of a guest.
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