In development

Villages of Light

Two hosts – an openminded couple Liina (Estonia) and Pierre (France), take a road trip to the European communities, to explore the possibilities of polyamory and sustainable living, and to experience life in different communities by taking part in the daily life, practices and rituals. This character-driven story opens the ideology through Liina’s and Pierre’s experience. The variation of communities they visit covers success stories from the 60-ies like Zegg (Germany) and Damanhur (Italy), to more radical and younger communities, e.g Anastasia in Russia/Ukraine.
6 episodes docu-series shows the wide variety of focus and the possibilities of co-living in communities. They discover that the reasons for living in a community can be very diverse. Basically, many people have a need for more interpersonal contact, for more friendship, closeness, security and warmth and for more intimacy. Many people have a human, mental, political or even spiritual deficit, which conventional mass society with its existing dominant social structures does not compensate for. In such situations, people look for alternative ways of life that can fulfil these wishes.
While visiting different communities the ‘hosts’ Liina and Pierre experience unusual social practices: liberating the Eros in a collective forum and transforming society into a more peaceful world (Tamera/Portugal), participating in Theurgic magical secret rituals, that change the vibration of Gaia, building interdimensional gates with guardians (Damanhur/Italy) and more. Many of the practices are considered controversial. The series does not to go into investigative journalism, but broadens the viewers horizons on the possibilities of personal and spiritual growth within eco-villages movement. In the post-Covid paradigm there is a growing need for connection, healing and meaning. Through personal experience of the character´s appears the impact of change.
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