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Villages of Light

Režie: Margit Lillak


Scientific reports predict environmental collapse and extinction of the human race. We are living on a dying planet. But out there, people are working on local solutions. It is called ecovillages. It is a grassroot movement trying to find solutions to soothe the general hysteria and panic mode of environmental and social collapse. We go on a quest to explore a wide variety and possibilities of sustainable co-living in ecocommunities, spiritual practices and rituals. In 6 episodes of the docuseries we try to find an answer – is there a replicable model that could be transferred to the rest of society to make a radical transformative structural switch? The variation of communities covers success stories from the 60-ies like Zegg (Germany), the oldest community in Europe; Damanhur (Italy), which is a centre of theurgic rituals and magic healing of the Earth; Tamera (Portugal) – a free love community, that acts on a global system change, from war to peace, from exploitation to cooperation, from fear to trust; Suderbyn (Sweden) – a grassroot experimenting ground for low-tech energy solutions and permaculture. As a counterpoint there is an urban community in Bretagne (France) that shows how sustainable co-living is possible also in the cities. On the journey we meet charismatic grounded visionaries and leaders of this movement that open the ideology behind a seemingly niche movement that could actually be a model for humanity to make a real change. Behind the idealistic aspirations of this movement lay also a deep-rooted controversy of individuals having to abandon their personal happiness over the pursuit of the community´s benefit.


East Doc Series představuje pět vybraných projektů
24. 8. 2020

East Doc Series představuje pět vybraných projektů

East Doc Series, nová aktivita IDF, zná pět projektů vybraných na první workshop, který se uskuteční 2. a 7.–8. září 2020 online na Baltic Sea Docs. Nechybí mezi nimi chystané dokumentární série Bernadett Tuzy-Ritter a dua Missirkov – Bogdanov.
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