In production

Adam Ondra: Pushing the Limits

Adam Ondra: posunout hranice

The documentary with the greatest climbing icon of the present maps Adam Ondra’s journey to achieving his phenomenal sport performance. Adam was a real child prodigy and even these days, the news about his success are about pushing the limits of human abilities. A taciturn introvert turned into a world-known sports star. Adam gets ready for a new challenge: The Summer Olympic Games that will take place in Tokyo and where sport climbing is recognised as an Olympic sport for the first time. Everybody expects that Adam will win the gold medal !

Through Adam's story, we follow the transformation of sport climbing and sport in general and the influence of commercial pressure, mass media, and the audience longing for a show. In contrast with loneliness that accompanies Adam during his everyday trainings and with the beautiful nature that surrounds him when he climbs on the rocks, at the end of the film we find ourselves at the biggest sport event ever, the Summer Olympic Games. Here, the well-known saying "It is not important to win, but to participate" is already replaced by another one: "the winner takes all".

There are many people who are part of Adam's world and help him on his journey: the coach, the physios, the advisors. Most importantly, it is his parents though who have supported him since his childhood and his girlfriend Iva who is his biggest support. What does it feel like to live with a sports celebrity and what position will Iva take in Adam's life? The film is a focused personal testimony that can inspire us and provoke thoughts about our own life journey.
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