In production

MamaPan (Our Daily Bread)

Pâinea noastră cea de toate zilele

MamaPan is a bakery located in a poor Bucharest neighbourhood. On a narrow street, in a narrow yard, in a narrow building. It has an office, a locker room with a bathroom, a small storage area and a room that can only fit one bread oven. Of course, there are many other bakeries just as big or just as small. But MamaPan is one of the few in town making artisan sour-dough bread – and the only one practicing social economy.

This means its employees belong to a disadvantaged social category or have various problems that can interfere with their regular working hours.

In our case they are single mothers with poor means of subsistence, living at the bottom of the social ladder. But they are willing to work; they are concerned about their medical insurance and retirement fund. And they refuse to settle for living on social welfare.

Irina is the bakery manager. She is the one who came with the idea of this business and is stubborn enough to believe that social economy can actually work.

Corina has joined her. A Physics teacher by trade, she gave up a false sense of security and followed her greatest dream, which was to make good bread.

Very few people are actually involved in making this bread; among them Luminița - a former homeless living outside the society; Adriana - “a Gypsy woman who never went to school"; Andreea - the only high-school graduate.

MamaPan is an excellent example of all the connections between the various layers of society, underlining how important it is for people to be aware of these connections.

The film is an homage to all the unseen heroines that form the backbone of our society, who - outside of the attention of social media - strive to create a better fair world of acceptance for themselves and their children.
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