In production

Chat With Alice (former title Love Lines)

Chat With Alice

Since being a child, Alice looked around for love and affection. With a childhood full of sadness and unhappy moments, Alice stepped in her adult life with the wrong foot even if her intentions were good. Drugs, sex and alcohol were her best friends for a long time. After she became a mother at 17 and later on divorced her long time lover of 53, Alice did not give up on her dreams. And she is still in a continuous search for love and happiness.

Now, Alice has finally found a way to express herself in a very unique manner: painting in front of the video-chat camera. With a special talent and a video camera, Alice built an entire community of people around her, with whom she shares the same desire: to communicate and be listened to. Through video-chat , she found people who can understand her, and accept her true personality.

Chat with Alice will visually explore Alice’s special wonderland and the paths that she has to follow to get there. Her story will be unfolding as a visual puzzle of emotions and situations that will enable us to discover Alice’s way of finding happiness.
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