90 min

Ve vývoji

New Adam

Režie: Máté TakácsDeclan McGrath


Hungarian film editor Adam Fiers, at fifty, lost all memories to a rare virus. With no past, he relies on filmmaker Máté Takács to craft a new life. Adam's neurologist, shocked by the rarity, reveals two prior cases ending in suicide. Adam persists, determined to rediscover his life story.

Old Adam's extensive collection becomes Adam's lifeline—documents, photos, videos, and family movies scanned into hard drives. Using this archive, Adam reconstructs his past, seeking understanding. Máté aids in recording meetings with old acquaintances, blending Adam's passion for cinema.

Returning to his flat, Adam finds a trove of DVDs, offering solace and insights into the world outside. Movies teach him about relationships and life's complexities. New Adam explores cinema's value, revealing how it shapes Adam's quest for fulfillment and truth.

Accompanied by Máté, Adam faces worsening medical prognosis—his memory will vanish despite efforts. Tragic yet poignant, Adam's mission gains significance. New Adam weaves observational daily life footage, poetic past archives, and playful film reconstructions into a universal story of memory's erasure. Immortalized on film, Adam's 'memory' may outlast his fading recollections.


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