Watch Kalina Bertin's lecture on Manic VR

6. 4. 2019

Author: Veronika Zýková

Canadian filmmaker Kalina Bertin gave a lecture about her Manic VR on March 12 during East Doc Platform 2019. You can now watch the whole lecture and also a short interview with Kalina.

Kalina Bertin has drawn on her siblings experiences with bipolar disorder to develop a documentary film as well as a virtual reality experience which provides insight into the complex world of mental illness. As a storyteller, how does one transition from working with a linear narrative to an interactive narrative? How does embodiment and interactivity impact a user’s take away of a story? What are the ethics of representing mental illness? Kalina discussed the creative process of crafting ManicVR as well as addressing VR as an emerging tool to treat mental illness.

Kalina was one of the tutors of East Doc Interactive, which is an essential part of East Doc Platform. Kalina's virtual reality peace Manic was available at DOX Centre for Contemporary Art as part of One World Interactive. Her documentary Manic is available on Video On Demand.

Also, we recommend the interview for Fred Film Radio: listen to it here.

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