Jednotka intenzivního života

Physicians Ondřej and Kateřina touch the untouchable with their work. Between
white coats, robotic devices and machines that can radically prolong lives,
their focus is on human being. In intimate conversations with their patients, they
seek answers to a question that modern medicine is not used to asking – what it
means to live a good life.The two doctors are one of the pioneers
of hospital palliative care. In their vision the doctor is not just a person who saves lives and the physical body, he is also the one navigating the patients through the painful times of their illness trying to help them with difficult decisions and finding out with them what is best or their lives. They face a lot of tough decision making which modern medicine brings and they often open up topics that disappeared from the daily life of our society. With an observational camera, we follow the fragile moments of the intimacy of those profound conversations. The knowledge and background of the doctors lies heavily in ethics and communication. Through the lectures for medical students, communication workshops for senior doctors and discussions with hospital management we follow their everyday effort to shift the paradigm of Western medicine and to put it into practice. Because sensitive communication and focus on patient's mind and soul, can finally lead to a better life for their patients.
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